Hitfaker online for browser games like dossergame or faveladogame and many many more!

Hit credits with hitfaker online in browser games like dossergame or faveladogame!


2013.07.04 - timecraft.com added (still testing)!
2012.09.16 - wbk2.schulterglatze.de added!
2012.09.09 - www.knastvoegel.de added!
2012.04.16 - schulterglatze almost fixed. At this moment, it's possible that all credits will not be hited, then try again after hour.
2012.02.20 - usarmy.schulterglatze.de spenden added.
2012.02.15 - wbk1.schulterglatze.de spenden added.

Available games:

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